Hands and Feet

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Hands and Feet

Everyone's hands and feet are completely different and our experienced therapists will choose nail care products that are best for you. A regular manicure or pedicure keeps your nails tidy, improves the appearance, and also helps the nails grow and stay strong.

1 hour Removal and re Shellac ...only £30.00

45 minutes Manicure - standard ...only £18.00

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15 minutes File and Polish ...only £10.00

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30 minutes Manicure - no polish ...only £12.00

45 minutes Pedicure ...only £22.00

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30 minutes pedicure - no polish ...only £15.00

Paraffin Wax ...only £9.50

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45 mins Shellac ...only £25.00

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60 mins Indulgent manicure ...only £30.00

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60 mins indulgent pedicure ...only £34.00

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45 mins minx ...only £25.00


Boost your confidence with beautiful nails./Calgel Nail System

With a tip or sculpted, with therapist recommendation
Clear 40.00
French or colour 45.00
Repair/Individual 5.50

Applied over your own nails for strength and lasting colour.
Clear 28.00
French or colour 32.00
Repair/individual 3.50

Additional layers of calgel

From 25.00 depending on condition of the nails.

Removal and conditioning treatment

Please be advised that we can not guarantee your treatments finish or aftercare if non Calgel products are used.