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3 minutes Sun Shower ...only £2.00

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15 mins Fake Bake - Spray Tan, Full face and Body ...only £25.00

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Fake Bake - Spray Tan, Legs only ...only £18.00

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Spray Tanning is available in light, medium or dark shades.

The specially made airbrush atomises the "Sun Spray" into a cooling vapour onto the skin ensuring an even application. One of the active ingredients in the Sun Spray, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the outermost top layer of skin to produce a bronzed tan - much like the sun does but without UVA and UVB damage to the skin. With absolutely no sun exposure at all, the tan usually lasts between 4 - 10 days. The way the tan fades and the length of time it lasts is dependent on how each person naturally loses his or her skin. Regular moisturising is essential to prolong the duration of the tan.

In the morning of your tanning appointment (or the night before) you should exfoliate your entire body. Exfoliation will remove dead skin that would otherwise flake off and helps to promote even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan. When you exfoliate, pay particular attention to the lower half of your legs, knees, ankles, top of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles. You may use an exfoliating lotion, face cloth, scrubbing mitt or loofah. Use a pumice stone on feet if necessary.

It is best to shave or wax at least 12 hours before your tanning appointment. We are unable to offer any waxing treatments on the same day as your tan. Waxing during the life of your tan will remove it - therefore we recommend that you do not wax for at least 7 days after the application.

Do not apply moisturisers or use any roll-on deodorants until after your post-tanning shower, lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the Sun Spray from contacting with the skin. The same applies to your face and the wearing of make-up.

Wear loose fitting clothing.