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Added 12-05-2015

Question Do you still do semi permanent make up, wanted my eyebrows and lashes done for my holiday. Read Answer

Added 12-05-2015

Question Do you need to make an appointment for a bra fitting? Read Answer

Added 27-02-2013

Question hi what price range is your lingerie ? Read Answer

Added 30-01-2013

Question hi bethan, i had some elecrolysis on some thread veins around my nose with you a while ago and wondered if you still do this treatment, could you let me know and give me an idea of the price, many thanks lisa Read Answer

Added 12-12-2012

Question What range of bra sizes do you do? My sister is a 34FF and is struggling to find shops that stock appropriate sizes for her. Many thanks Read Answer

Added 12-10-2012

Question Despite being 33 I have never plucked up the courage to get my ears pierced. Please could you tell how you do it, what it feels like, if it hurts and any other useful information Read Answer

Added 19-08-2011

Question Was wondering how long i need to leave underarm hair for until i can get it waxed? Read Answer

Added 10-08-2011

Question I would like to purchase some youngblood foundation and primer but dont know what colour. I believe that you stock this and rather than order online and get the wrong colour i would like to visit your salon to get a colour match and then purchase the product through yourselves. Can i just pop in? Then do you order the cosmetic,or do you have in stock, Thanks. Read Answer

Added 26-05-2011

Question do you sell any skin primer?:) Read Answer

Added 08-05-2011

Question Do you do full calgel nail manicures? Read Answer

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